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by ASiQ
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by ASiQ
Chiimp enables Corporate/VIP aircraft passengers and crew to connect their iPhone or iPad to the existing aircraft satellite phone and data link. Once connected the App will initiate voice calls, send and receive Emails and SMS.

The App connects the iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth to an iPod. The App when installed on the iPod acts as the server. The iPod connects via USB to the aircrafts Satellite Link Controller “SLC” which syncs with the iPod using iTunes. The voice calls initiated by the iPhone or iPad are routed by the SLC to a noise cancelling Bluetooth headset.

Chiimp is the ideal solution, for the following reasons:
1. Operates via Bluetooth, which is documented and tested as safe for use in aircraft.
2. Provides both a voice and data interface for Smartphone and Tablets
3. Requires only low cost portable equipment to interface with satellite and terrestrial networks.
4. Can be retrofitted without requiring certification.
5. Eliminates the requirement for an on board PABX and hardwired telephone handset, (Saving in excess of $50K - $100K per aircraft).
6. Turns the existing slow cockpit and cabin data link into a useful affordable messaging service.
7. Enhances the existing broadband service by facilitating direct control of the voice channels and the addition of an SMS/messaging service.
8. Connects passenger and pilot outside of the cellular roaming network, so no roaming charges.
9. Is compatible with all satellite networks