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Now that texting is king, love letters rarely find their way to the mailbox; but that doesn't mean that couples still don't like to share a love note once in a while. And when your loved one has a good sense of humor, a genuinely cheesy love note can make it that much more fun!

CheeseBall helps you find the perfect words to share with your loved one, thanks to it's ever-growing collection of love notes.

Key features include:
-Save your loved one's contact for easy love note sharing.
-Rate each love note. Give notes you like a heart and notes you dislike a broken heart. Your vote determines which notes stay and which notes get deleted!
-Share your own love notes. Have a great love note? Share it with the community!
-Shake your device to reveal a fresh love note.

This app is dedicated to my beautiful wife who encourages me to be cheesy every day!
McGill DevTech, LLC