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CheckList tool

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CheckList tool

The checklist comes

Before using the checklist, people say you:
Careless, careless, uncareful, unaccountable, unreliable and unreliable;

With the checklist, you'll show:
Meticulous, careful, diligently, diligently, diligently, responsible, attention to detail, strict and reliable.

Don't be afraid to waste time, waste paper, waste energy, waste a lot of effort.
It is wrong to lose the thoughtful thoughts, save, save, be efficient, and fast.
In order to find a mistake, it's all worth it.
Don't think there is no problem before you check.
Peripheral, look, understand.
Check is to find out what you don't feel, not to involve, not to include, useless mistakes and omissions.
The inspection should be complete, not only part of the inspection.
When you feel that there is no mistake, you must also force yourself to check again.

Usage method:
1 set up the template;In Edit mode item can be deleted and moved, left slip can get more operations.
2 establish the checklist according to the template;
3 check one by one on the checklist.
Yongchao Wang