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Cheap Flight Deals by Cheep

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Cheap Flight Deals by Cheep

Cheap Flight Deals and Mistake Fares - Cheep

Cheep searches for cheap flights so you don't have to. Anyone can search for an origin/destination and date on Orbitz or Skyscanner app for the cheapest flight. A fare that is 20% off sounds like a great deal but still will cost you a lot out of pocket.

So we break down a flight deal that first needs to meet the length of time in the air and comfort. Next, we break the fare down so only fares that meet our stringent, cost per mile threshold of 6 cents per mile.

Other sites use a dollar-cost method to curate cheap flight deals to a region which means, you will not be getting the best cost per mile deal.

Cheep currently tracks airfare for domestic and international airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airline, Hawaiian airline, and many more.

We track domestic routes because we know that most Americans have a standard 2 weeks of vacation per year.

And you want to use one of those weeks around the holiday with your family.

That leaves you 1 week of vacation that you could spend on 1 international trip or break it up into mini-vacations.

Our tool searches week-long trips so you can save time and money to take your family some in our own backyard of the U.S. Saving a few hundred dollars for a domestic trip adds up for a family of four or international for solo independent travelers.

Planning a trip should be fun.

Our goal of the app is to take the thinking out of wanting to go to the same places over and over again.

And instead, we surface wonderful, amazing, fun cities you may not have thought of, and you know you are going to get it for a really amazing deal that you won't find anywhere else.

And we can search for flights, run it through our algorithm, at scale.

Never miss a mistake fare using Cheep. Only the really solid fares that are going to save you big are marked and classified as mistake fares. And these mistake fares sell out quickly.

The easy to book button takes you to Google Flights, pre-filled, and ready to book.

We cannot make it anymore easier to book a flight than that.

Need Inspiration?

What should your next destination be?

Here are Cheeps´s top 10 most searched destinations from the US!

1. New York (JFK)
2. Las Vegas (LAS)
3. San Francisco (SFO)
4. Miami (MIA)
5. San Diego (SAN)
6. Austin (AUS)
7. Los Angeles (LAX)
8. Seattle (SEA)
9. Dallas (DAL)
10. Oakland (OAK)

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