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If you download chatz for just one reason, make it because Safe Plate is what you need when your phone is lost or stolen. Use a strangers phone to see that you left yours on the airport washroom counter; or use a waiter’s phone to see that it slipped between the cushions at your table; or use your friends phone at the mall too see that someone is walking out with yours right now! Simply type in the secret code and see your phone on their screen. You don’t need to search high and low in a panic or share personal information with another phone that might not be there when you need it; no need to cancel your plan if you don’t know it’s sitting under the car seat. Safe Plate will find your phone on any phone, right now!

Although Safe Plate technology is enough reason to download chatz, this is a social application that has much more to offer you:

- Free to join – no personal information. Just download - create an ID - have fun!
- Free ID two of them – choose from three styles of plates called VIPs; each having its own profile.
- Free private conversations – one on one or group, and totally private; with Secure Chatz encryption taking your conversations off the grid.
- Free public conversations – when others invite you to talk or you invite others.
- Free public statements – post anything and have the world read it.
- Free private network – replace your existing office or private system with private, group, anonymous, and encrypted information exchange all in one technology.
- Free fleet management – replace your existing call center with direct messaging to a managers phone; get real time feedback about your fleet that is handled immediately by your company. The ability to field live information from your customers is good business – both parties maintaining anonymity during that live exchange is priceless.
- Free map use – 3 of them: 1) Public conversations. 2) Public statements. 3) Business Member advertising intermingled with all members who share.
- Free contact list - bring your current contacts to chatz and leave your outdated social provider behind. Also sort, tag, and file new contacts as you build your in-app relationships. See how chatz will help you sort mysterious contacts, unknown conversation members, and secret encounters. That’s right, find, create, and maintain personal relationships with members who are 100% anonymous to you.
- Free screensaver – display our logo alone, or with a VIP – display our logo alone or with a readable QR code. Allow other to connect with you without saying a single word.
- Free pseudo pinpoint – allow chatz to place a fake location on the map so contact can be initiated with you; without revealing the truth about your actual location.
- Free instructional and promotional videos; also found on the website.

And for privacy, security, and protection, chatz has:
1) Free blocking of any member at the device level – no matter what in app trick they try to pull, they will never be able to contact you again.
2) Free reporting of good and bad behavior to the server. Be the authority that makes the difference – control the misbehaved and reward the rest.
3) Free deleting of social situations, so you can get out now!
4) Free profane language protection.
And if that’s not enough:
5) Free shredding and replacing of your first 2 VIPs. Having an identity which is ephemeral is the chatz advantage - delete them, create new ones, and be an enigma.
6) Free device shredding. The most effective way to disappear; just shred your entire membership and all existing data will be destroyed. Chatz doesn’t collect any information, so whatever you put on your device, is all that ever existed about you in chatz, and it’s gone forever.

The chatz store features bring you even more; or become a chatz Premium member, and permanently include everything in the store and special premium benefits.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."
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