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Welcome to Charmleon
The Chameleon Charm in your shared filters

A new way to edit your photos and make them unique.

Combine your favorite filters and save them as custom filters to use them again later or to share them with other Charmleon users.

Every user can use your public filters, vote on them or leave a comment.
Each filter that will reach 5 like will gain more visibility by entering the Top Rated category.
But careful.... when your filter reaches 5 Unlike it will be permanently deleted from the public database.
Give your best and create unique custom filters.

Charmleon is a complete and rich app with many features:

- built-in camera for great photos (also in RAW or livePhoto format)
Use the smile detector to take pictures that are always smiling: -)
- thanks to CoreML you can transfer the style of some famous paintings to your photos
- with 3D touch, you can quickly access your databases or to edit the filters (only on iPhone 6S and 6 S Plus or later).
- open the app from shortcuts to directly access the databases (only on iPhone 6S and 6 S Plus or later)
- Spotlights will allow you to search for private, public or more voted filters directly from the iOS search

and many extensions....

- use Siri to search for your photos for a specific date or location
- photoediting extension allows you to edit your photos directly from the Photo app
- use the app on Apple Watch with remote control for your shots (Zoom with digital crown)
- send your CharmSelfie directly from iMessage
-check out the Charmleon Podium widget in the notification center to know which users have received the most likes
- and the Charmleon Top Rated widget in the Notification Center to view the public filter with more like

Charmleon uses CloudKit
- to save your filters on iCloud and make them always synchronized on your devices
- to send you notifications for each new filter added to the public database, when your filter reaches topRated, will be deleted or if you receive an answer to your comment

Just start experimenting
Create your own filters and....
Share them, vote, comment and share them again!!
More we are and more fun

Now it's up to you!
Good Fun

Thanks to unsplash. com for wonderful shared images
And to all betatesters for their valuable advice and support

Son of a Rocket Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Ragazzetto Project