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Champions is the complete guide that helps you stay fit, with its unique workout series.

Champions app can share the glucose readings with the healthKit by enabling the option in settings. User can see his glucose levels in healthKit.

If your watch has an internet connection you can use the watch without the phone.
Visualize your glucose levels with the Graph and Trend Arrow. See how food impacts your body in real-time. Discover which foods provide stable & sustainable energy.
Analyze your training sessions with Event Analytics. Compare your workouts. Fine tune your fueling strategy.
Determine your Glucose Performance Zone—maintain it in competition to sustain peak performance.
Get an actionable report of your recent glucose data. Easily share, manage and optimize. App integrates with other third party apps.

Ambrosia offers tools designed for all athletes. The platform combines cutting-edge science and art for our workouts, yoga, meditation, which is driven by the knowledge and experience of the world’s top neuroscientists, psychologists, musicians, authors, yoga experts, fitness & workout trainers
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