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Secure and powerful, Chainbytes is an award winning Bitcoin ATM software that is now available for the iPhone. Hailed as the most stable application, it incorporates the block chain ledger system assuring you of secure services at all times.

Detailed reporting dashboard – receive real time updates on all major transactions conducted via the app. Reports are beautifully crafted with clear formatting making it easy to trace transactions.

Stable app – downtime is something you will never experience. With Chainbytes Bitcoin ATM app, you and your clients will have access to funds at any BTM location.

Stand alone BTM client – Designed to work with no server, Chainbytes BTM app ensures that you have access to your Bitcoins at all times. The control of your private keys as well as the import and export of private keys plus back up of phrases is at your disposal. With backup phrases, you can recover both account balances and transaction history.

Chainbytes uses SPV mode to connect to the Bitcoin network. Backed by AES hardware encryption, keychain, app sandboxing and code signatures, Chainbytes is protected from malware browser security holes and theft.

-It’s the most advanced 2-way BTM software
-Has an intuitive design placing control into the users hands
-Fast and flexible implementation
-Supports multiple languages and currencies
-Cutting edge software with detailed reports

About Chainbytes
Chainbytes LLC is a software development company that specializes in Blockchain programming, tokenizing assets and the development of Blockchain remittance payments.
Please visit us at for more information
Or Email: [email protected]