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With CEPTETEB, online banking services, FAST system and being a TEB customer is easy!

CEPTETEB mobile banking app gives you convenient access to many features such as mobile banking services, FAST instant money transfers, TEB FX Platform, becoming a TEB customer online, and more.

TEB’s digital banking platform CEPTETEB is a mobile app that provides quick, easy, and practical solutions for all of your banking needs. CEPTETEB iOS mobile app lets you perform contactless banking transactions quickly, securely, and safely.

Getting started with CEPTETEB mobile banking app is as easy as downloading and installing it on your mobile phone. CEPTETEB mobile banking app users have immediate access to the advantageous interest rates offered by TEB Marifetli Account, CEPTETEB Deposit Account and to many more ways that put your money to work for you.

If you’re already a TEB customer, you can still take care of your banking needs just as you’ve always done and if you’re in need of help, CEPTETEB mobile banking app gives you immediate access to the live support of a TEB customer representative.

With CEPTETEB mobile banking app, every place is a bank branch
Thanks to CEPTETEB mobile banking app, you can take care of all of your banking needs quickly, conveniently, and safely without ever having to go inside a branch, waiting in line, or wasting time with procedures. CEPTETEB lets you transform wherever you may be into a bank.

FAST instant money transfers, remote video calls, and more…
With CEPTETEB mobile banking app, you can transfer money 24/7 using predefined Easy Addresses or by entering IBAN info or a recipient’s name. With CEPTETEB mobile banking app you can access TEB FX Platform to buy and sell foreign currencies and enjoy all the other exclusive features available to CEPTETEB users.

CEPTETEB mobile banking app lets you complete loan applications easily
When you need cash, CEPTETEB is at your side! Whenever you’re in need of cash, you can easily apply for CEPTETEB Consumer Loan through CEPTETEB iOS mobile app, the digital banking application that makes your life easier, and you can benefit from advantageous interest rates and payment-deferment options. What’s more, CEPTETEB Digital Credit Card is always ready to take care of your needs on its own!

Download the app and become a CEPTETEB user immediately!
If you’re not already a CEPTETEB customer, you can use the app to make a video call and open a TEB account with nothing more than your identity card number. If your phone doesn’t support video calls or if you’d rather not make one, you can fill out and submit a Customer Form using the app. TEB customer representative will visit you wherever and whenever you wish in order to help you become a CEPTETEB user too.

What can you do with TEB’s CEPTETEB mobile banking app?
­ Perform banking transactions quickly, securely, and safely
­ Benefit from special discounts on your purchases of airline tickets, electronic goods, and other necessities without having to re-enter payment info (CEPTETEB Super)
­ Pay for your shopping purchases safely and securely with the new CEPTETEB Digital Credit Card
­ Take advantage of easy pass in airports
­ Display investment reports and keep track of markets
­ Make withdrawals, deposits, and payments using QR codes
­ Use the Finance Coach to analyze your expenditures
­ Link your GastroClub and TEB account (TEB Yıldız and TEB Private Banking customers)
­ Pay departure taxes with a credit card
­ Select the account to be used when traveling abroad

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us through our social media accounts or by email.
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