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Meet CEOboard. A completely new way to manage your business.

Use CEOboard to control workflow and monitor KPI achievements. Study interactive reports and BI to a
deeper understanding of the situation. Give orders and make decisions faster than ever wherever you may
be. Improve your business with the process approach and global best practices.

• KPI Dashboards 
• BI and Reporting
• BPM: Orders and Tasks
• Notifications and News for Employees
• Process Management and Accidents Investigation in A3 format
• Complete Company Address Book
• Works offline
• Optimized for iOS 11
• Optimized for iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X and iPad

CEOboard works with any solutions on "1C:Enterprise" platform and other office applications:
• Import data from Microsoft Excel, CSV, MXL, Google-Docs-Sheets
• Execution of arbitrary data request algorithms 
• Work in a dedicated CEOboard database 
• Integration with 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2.0
• Integration with 1C:Holding Management 
• Integration with 1C:Trade Management
• Integration with 1C:CRM
• Integration with 1C:ITIL

Discover a new management format – mobile, efficient, profitable:
• Reduce meetings time by 40%
• Reduce labor costs for control operations by 60%
• Increase the impact of earlier implemented of information systems by 30%
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