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CEOboard 2

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CEOboard 2

Meet CEOboard. A completely new way to manage your business.

Use CEOboard to control workflow and monitor KPI achievements. Study interactive reports and BI to a
deeper understanding of the situation. Give orders and make decisions faster than ever wherever you may
be. Improve your business with the process approach and global best practices.

• KPI Dashboards
• BI and Reporting
• BPM: Orders and Tasks
• Notifications and News for Employees
• Process Management and Accidents Investigation in A3 format
• Complete Company Address Book
• Works offline
• Optimized for iOS 11
• Optimized for iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X and iPad

CEOboard works with any solutions on "1C:Enterprise" platform and other office applications:
• Import data from Microsoft Excel, CSV, MXL, Google-Docs-Sheets
• Execution of arbitrary data request algorithms
• Work in a dedicated CEOboard database
• Integration with 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2.0
• Integration with 1C:Holding Management
• Integration with 1C:Trade Management
• Integration with 1C:CRM
• Integration with 1C:ITIL

Discover a new management format – mobile, efficient, profitable:
• Reduce meetings time by 40%
• Reduce labor costs for control operations by 60%
• Increase the impact of earlier implemented of information systems by 30%

For CEOboard Cloud users we will provide 14 days free trial. After the trial period you can buy one of the paid subscriptions listed below and continue using advanced business analytics.

Simple subscription (max 2 companies):
• Monthly auto-renewable subscription for just $1.49
• 3 month auto-renewable subscription for $3.49
• Yearly auto-renewable subscription for $11.49

Gold subscription (without any limitations):
• Yearly auto-renewable subscription for just $57.99

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