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We think phone cameras are ready for prime time and want to blend them into a pro workflow. A multi operator workflow.
Catch is an app created by professional filmmakers for professional filmmakers or anyone, who wants to remotely control the camera.
Using this app you can double your filming crew efficiency with DOP aiming the camera and working on a frame composition while 1st AC simultaneously fine-tuning any filming parameters remotely.
Changing White Balance, Shutter speed and ISO on the fly has never been so easy! As well as pulling focus in real-time without a direct access to the camera! Just use your Apple Watch Crown to get exactly what you want, when you want it.
Catch allows you to unleash your camera’s full potential remotely! No more awkward filming experience while trying to operate a camera, mounted on a special equipment.
With Catch your best shot is literally just at your fingertips!

Catch key features:
Apple Watch - companion app with full control
Remote-controlled recording allows you to mount the camera on professional equipment
Precise focus pull in real-time - for 1st AC
User-friendly interface - allows you to control params from Apple Watch Crown
Control any of camera params, like Focus, ISO, Shutter, White Balance, HDR, Optic stabilization
50Mbps, 60fps, 4k video recording
Smooth switch modes between auto and manual

Catch is a community driven app!
As film-industry professionals, we understand that community feedback is crucial for the future development of Catch. We want to make our app as useful for filmmakers and professional videographers as it can be. Soon you’ll be able to submit your ideas for new features and they will be implemented in future releases.
George Soldatov