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Key Features:

Real time heart rate collection with your iphone Camera to share and show your support for the team,.

Real time heart rate collection and sharing with your iwatch and Apple Health App to support the team.

Heart rate sharing via a dedicated Castle Lager heart rate band that picks up the fans real time heart rate to share with the team.

Average heart rate of all contributors derived and displayed.

Fixtures and results.

Official Social Media feeds.

Share your heartbeat with the Castle Lager Fan App during the Springbok matches, to show your support and love for the team. As the players hearts race from running up and down the field, the heartbeat of the fans can now be registered and aggregated with the Castle Lager Fan App to spur the players on with the truest of measures, our heartbeat.

You must be over the age of 18, legal drinking age in most countries, to use this app
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