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by Pirocso
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by Pirocso
Introducing Casita, the premier application for income properties management and communication between landlords and tenants. Available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

With Casita, landlords can manage everything about their income properties, each rental unit/apartment and all tenants. On the other hand, tenants can send maintenance requests and complaints. Both parties can communicate more efficiently using their built-in instant messaging as well as standard SMS, email and phone calls which can all be initiated directly from within Casita.

Access your news and requests faster on Apple Watch app as well as the Today notification center.

Start managing and/or communicating better and faster today! Download Casita today!

If you like Casita, please leave us a review on the App Store. Thank you!


1) For all users:
- View all news that affects you as a tenant or a landlord. Never miss important info!
- Receive notifications when rent payments are due and when rent agreements are due for renewal
- Communicate quickly and efficiently with your tenants or landlord via the built-in instant messaging functionality. Send text or photos and receive push notifications when new messages are sent to you. Landlords can send messages to multiple tenants at once.
- Access your news and requests faster on Apple Watch app as well as the Today notification centre.

2) For landlords:
- Manage income properties with up to 10 photos for each property
- Manage rental units/apartments, with up to 10 photos, to all income properties along with photos and specific characteristics about each unit: square footage, number of rooms and room type, heating source, appliances included, A/C, smokers and/or pets allowed, etc.
- Manage tenants, with a photo, along with contact information: email and multiple phone numbers. Your first tenant is free. Additional tenant records can be purchased via in-app purchases
- Manage rent agreement details: rent amount, start and end dates for the agreement, and all the same characteristics as apartments
- Communicate faster with all your tenants: send a news bulletin to one or multiple tenants. Now your tenants will be made aware of major news affecting them or their apartment.
- Create reminder tasks for yourself. Never forget about maintenance work that needs to be done.
- Review maintenance requests and complaints from tenants and decide what course of action needs to be taken. Keep your tenants informed of your decision by registering your decision within Casita.
- List your vacant apartments for rent on social media: Facebook and Twitter. (Coming soon: more options for listing vacancies and finding your new tenants!)
- Invite your tenants to join Casita by sending them a unique invitation code.
- Send requests by email. Ex.: Send all plumbing related maintenance requests to your plumbing contractor. Nothing gets lost in translation! Your contractor knows exactly where to go and what needs to be done.
- Make decisions regarding tenant requests directly from your Apple Watch. Glance at your most important tasks.

3) For tenants:
- Send a request directly to your landlord. Whether your neighbours are too noisy or the kitchen faucet is leaking, your landlord will be notified right away. No more waiting for your landlord to read his email or listen to his voicemail!
- Casita is always free for tenants. Remove ads with a small in-app purchase fee.
- Receive notification directly from your landlord regarding your request or complaint.
- Contact your landlord quickly with the “My Landlord” page

We love hearing from you! Get in touch with us at [email protected], @Casitaapp on Twitter, and