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casiKNOW Casino Guide

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casiKNOW Casino Guide

The casiKNOW Casino Guide app provides you with a comprehensive guide to your favorite casinos' amenities, promotions, dining, gaming, and more. In addition, casiKNOW's game tracking tools allow you to easily keep track of your gaming activity from your iPhone or Apple Watch device.

You can use casiKNOW to:

- Browse our comprehensive guides of your favorite casinos and all they have to offer including current promotions and offers, accomodations, dining and amenities, and gaming.

- Review and rate your favorite slot machines, table games, casinos and dining establishments.

- Easily access a directory of hotel amenities, restaurants and bars available at each casino.

- Keep your own personal journal of wins and losses on each slot machine and table game as you play.

- Get concise summaries of the unique features and rules for thousands of different slot machines and table games.

- Find casinos near you that offer promotions and discounts, available table games and slot machines to play, and dining and hotel options.

- Find the most popular/highest rated slot machines and table games at your favorite casino.

- Analyze your play history to determine your most frequently played or successful casino games and more.

- Conveniently monitor your results as you play using your iPhone or Apple Watch device.

- Generate your own personal detailed win/loss reports.