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Cash Minder

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Cash Minder

Cash Minder is sure to become one of your most used apps, especially on your wrist. It allows you to input what you spent right at the store you're in and shows you your exact balance as you go, at all times. Flip up on your Apple Watch and the Glance screen shows the current balance immediately, no matter wether you've been using the app or the watch itself to enter your spending or savings. The app and Apple Watch app communicate with each other seamlessly so you can use either device to enter and view your balance as you make purchases. To make things easier, you can enter your amounts by voice if you prefer, like "Fifty Three Dollars and Thirty Five Cents".

Most functions on the app are available on the Apple Watch app itself.

Add your own categories, descriptions, or amounts easily so you quickly enter detailed information.

Control your spending not only by always knowing your current balance but the app shows how much you've spent on a specific category this month, or the entire year!

If your bank has an accessible website you can use Cash Minder to browse to it using the convenient browser included in the app. Compare their balance to the balance showing on top of the Cash Minder screen so you can be sure you're on track and been logging your transactions accurately. (Cash Minder does not communicate with your bank in any way, it is simply providing a browser view for your convenience.)

Backup your data, or just send it to the office so you can review it by easily creating a report at a touch of a button and email it to yourself with another quick touch of a button.