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Cash Cast

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Cash Cast

Privately, users tell us things like: "I can't live without it..." or "...I'd give up my girlfriend before giving up your app". We can relate! Cash Cast has been the #1 go-to financial planner for thousands and it's also the same tool we've been using for over a decade now.

Take control of your financial future with the best budgeting strategy know to mankind: Cashflow Forecasting!
* Stop backtracking your spent and start forecasting your future
* A better way to budget securely, privately & free
* No Ads, No gimmicks & No Snooping

Doesn't it pain you to pay some other budgeting apps and still not knowing how much will be in your bank account 3 month from now? We do not ask our users to pay anything, they come to us and contribute! We believe that we all deserve a peace of mind when it comes to money management so that we can better focus on what matters to us most.

Cash Cast is simple and powerful. In just a few minutes it can manage your personal budget or the entire household including your small business in one app. No more tracking and analyzing of where your money disappears, you'll plan your financial future and never need to look back again!

Simple as 1-2-3:
- Enter your Net Income(s) schedule
- Enter your Expenses or Budget items schedule
- See your Cashflow Forecast for up to 3 Years or just 30 days
- Visualize your planned Vacation, Mortgage or Car purchases directly in your Budget

- An Orange highlight identifies when your projected budget dips bellow your comfort zone
- A Red highlight warns when your future budget dips bellow the dreadful zero to avoid fees
- Keeps automatically updating your forecast so you can always plan up to 3 years ahead
- Provides summary charts that show how your future income and expenses get distributed
- Supports multiple forecasts to plan the entire family budget in a combined forecast
- Capable of transfers between forecasts and renaming of unlimited forecast Accounts/Groups
- Capable of forecasting crypto Assets with your own volatility and growth rate settings
- Provides the ability to setup Filters and create custom Combined forecasts
- Works with your iOS Calendar to quickly setup Alerts to keep track of variable expanses
- Passcode and/or Face/TouchID capable to protect your privacy
- Archives your old forecast items and allows for a pie chart analysis
- iCloud sync enabled
- Export capable

For best results, remember to keep your variable entries up do date!
Cash Cast is empowered by your honest feedback ~ keep it coming & thanks in advance!

Quick Privacy Note:
We do not collect ANY information about your financial status, this app is FREE and all data are kept safe with standard iOS privacy protections on your phone and your iCloud account. Unless you actually share a screenshot or an export of your forecast yourself, only people with access to your device(s) can access data in Cash Cast.

Finally, we are not to be held liable for anything that may result from the improper use of the app or any potential erroneous data provided by the App itself. This is a free software and while we take every precaution to make it reliable and user friendly, it's at each user's own risk. In the end, users are the driving force behind both: quality and usability ~ the more feedback we receive the better it gets!

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