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Casetify Band

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Casetify Band

Your Apple Watch. Designed by you. Casetify Apple Watch Band app lets you turn your favorite Instagram, Facebook and prints into a custom Apple Watch band—on the go.

Loved by The Wallstreet Journal and TIME as “accessories cooler than the Apple Watch itself!”

One size does not fit all. Express your individuality with the exclusive Artist Collection, designed with the finest details and curated by top-notch editors to complement the unique you.

Casetify Apple Watch in 3 easy steps:

1. Shoot it. Take as many photos as you want.

2. Place it. Drag-n-drop your favorite photos into a template.

3. Band it. You’ll be notified when the Apple Watch Band is ready for FREE shipping worldwide.


+ Upload photos

+ Connect via your Instagram, Facebook or Email

+ Style with stunning filters

+ Drag-n-drop into an intuitive template

+ Easy sharing to all your favorite apps: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text, Pinterest

+ Choose from the exclusive Artist Collection curated by editors

+ Band material: durable, strong yet uncommonly soft plastic

Visit us at or say hello @casetify.