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CAS genesisWorld x8 Classic for iPhone

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CAS genesisWorld x8 Classic for iPhone

With Mobile apps from CAS Software AG, you can easily access your contacts, appointments, documents and more from CAS genesisWorld, including the dossier ensuring a 360° view. Get instant, real-time access to your data. Work with up-to-date data from your CRM system and seamlessly exchange data between the internal office and the field staff. All permission rights are considered when you access your data while on the move.

To use the app, CAS genesisWorld version x8 and iOS-Version 8.0 or higher are required. To use the app and integrate it into your CAS genesisWorld CRM system, you need to configure your server settings and ensure that you have the correct license.

Mobile app functions
• Dashboard – show all your important information at a glance
• Contacts – access all CAS genesisWorld addresses at any time
• Appointments – keep track of your data while on the move
• Documents – access your documents in realtime
• Reports – look up your analyses right on your mobile device
• Questionnaires – enter visiting reports on the road
• Opportunities – unlock and use customer potential
• Receipts – manage all relevant ERP data on your system
• Dossier – profit from a 360° view of your customers
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