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Cartoon Plane ― Sky Voyage 3D Deluxe

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Cartoon Plane ― Sky Voyage 3D Deluxe


Let's start our flight! Is everything ready? Today you are going to show all your pilot skills! Cartoon Plane - Sky Voyage 3D Deluxe is the great plane simulator which is made specially for brave gamers! If you don't afraid of the height, put on your helmet, start the engine and go conquering the sky! Upgrade your plane, get new ones, fly over the hills and mountains! Enjoy the height and show all your best skills!

Choose the plane you like and start your voyage!
Enjoy the height sitting in the cabin!
Mind the arrows that will show you the right way!
Use your attention and try not to fall down!

How to Play?
Move your plane in the sky!
Start a real plane voyage right now!
Follow the arrows to choose the right route!
Enjoy the beauty of nature in front of your eyes!

Cartoon Plane ― Sky Voyage 3D Deluxe Features:
- Funny cartoonish planes!
- Great plane simulator for kids and adults!
- Set your time and distance records!
- Enjoy the realistic 3D graphics!
- Prove you are a good pilot! Be careful and attentive!

Start your sky adventure with our Cartoon Plane ― Sky Voyage 3D Deluxe game! Try now and dare quitting playing!

You get points for playing time. The longer you play, the more points you score! There’s a particular amount of point you should get every day, but of course it’s possible to get more if you want. Moreover there’s a statistics showing the points you scored the previous days.
If you worry that may spent too much time playing, set the timer and it will remind you that the time is over and you should stop the game.
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