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Carter's Coin Flip

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Carter's Coin Flip

A truly random coin flipping app. Use it to decide the start of a game, or use it to help with your probability lesson in Math class. Learn why this is a must have app by clicking the "...More" link now.

Carter's Coin Flip Features:
* Choose amongst 4 background images for different sports themes.
* Record total Heads vs. Tails in stats mode.
* Coins from France, Switzerland, Greece, Belguim, Great Britian and Spain
* Export data from Statistics mode as CSV

(4 Stars)
Unlike most coin flips, this one has a random number it's truly random and not just the same sequence every time.

(5 Stars)
Whenever I use this app I win. Gives me good luck!

So there you are, standing in the middle of the field; just you, the ref, and your opponent. Everyone’s waiting for the big moment—the coin toss. You anxiously await the words “Call it in the air”. Instead what you hear is “Anyone got a coin?” You look up and excitedly announce “Don’t worry, I’ve got it!” Quickly you run to the sidelines and return holding your iPhone or iPod Touch. You return and confidently hand your device to the referee. With a touch of his finger, or flick of his wrist he has activated this app right there on the spot, and you've saved the day.

Though the original purpose of Carter’s Coin Flip is really pretty simple, the variety of tasks it can accomplish is anything but. This isn’t just another coin flipping device to make quick on-the-spot decisions; this also is a math aid as well. We’ve all been there…the dreaded “outcome and probability” assignments. We’ve done such tried and true concepts as “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, or maybe rolling dice. Although these activities are time consuming they are valuable demonstrations of probability rules and statistical principles. With Carter’s Coin Flip on your iPhone or iPod Touch, not only are the results quick, they are also totally random unlike many other coin flipping apps which operate on a repetitive sequence time after time. In Statistics mode, we also keep a running tally of all flips that were performed. You can go back and see which result you got on the first flip, the fiftieth flip, or the five thousandth flip.

With Carter’s Coin Flip app, you are also not restricted to solely using a single coin to “toss”. By simply double-tapping the screen you can change the coin. Pick from the British Pound, Swiss Franc or the Spanish Peseta (complete with a soccer ball encrusted on the piece and chosen especially with all of you soccer fans in mind). More coins will be added in future updates You can also pick from four different backgrounds. One of them is sure to match your favorite sport. Just tap the background to make that oh-so-important flip even more realistic.

Whether you are on the field, in math class, or are just plain bored, Carters Coin Flip for your iPhone or iPod Touch is here to help you at kick-off time or math test time. This new and unique app clearly stands heads (and tails) above the rest.
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