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CARROT Wellness

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CARROT Wellness

Being active has never been more rewarding! CARROT is a free app that rewards you financially for walking. By walking and achieving individualized activity goals, users earn virtual currencies that can be used to play games, compete in challenges, bid on an auction and earn rewards (such as digital gift cards) that are available right on the app. Those rewards can be won in live, real-time “instant” auctions!

CARROT has successfully gamified health and wellness, including several fun features available to all users. “CARROT Survivor” is a last-person-standing competition that challenges contestants to make their personal goals each and every day. “Versus” contests include weekly fantasy football competitions during the fall as well as similar games throughout the year. And CARROT’s “Unlockables” requires you to achieve a personal goal streak to access special prizes.

CARROT offers iPhone users several great features:
(1) Using Apple HealthKit, CARROT gives you a personalized “Activity Goal”, based on your own activity history, which is updated daily. Push yourself just a little bit more each day, make your personal goals, and then reap the rewards!
(2) CARROT’s Apple Watch app allows users to conveniently monitor their daily activity progress with just a tap.
(3) Using iBeacon technology, users can earn bonus Reward Points for activities such as community health programs and for visiting participating businesses. This is done in the background with low-energy Bluetooth.
(4) And as a fully inclusive program, CARROT provides the opportunity for manual wheelchair users to participate by being rewarded for their “pushes”, rather than “steps”. (Note: The use of an Apple Watch is required to accurately collect push data for use on CARROT.)

All CARROT users earn one Reward Point for each step they take. Premium Members – including those who are sponsored by their employer through a CARROT Corporate Wellness Program – can also earn CARROTcoins for achieving personalized activity goals. You can get a one-month Premium Membership with an In-App purchase.

With CARROT, there’s no need to purchase a wearable tracker – everything, including your steps data and rewards, is stored exclusively on your phone. The app doesn’t even have to be on or running for you to earn points. (But if you already own a tracker, CARROT accepts data from most popular devices.)

Would you like your employer to offer CARROT rewards to you and your coworkers? “CARROT Health & Wellness” is a special, low-cost program that offers employees exclusive company-sponsored rewards such as digital gift cards – available directly through the app – just for meeting daily activity goals. Employers can launch their own CARROT Wellness pilot program by entering their information on the CARROT “Wellness” screen.

Because CARROT respects your privacy, you have the option to sign in using your phone number, Facebook or anonymously. Anonymous (“Guest”) users should beware that, since all data is stored only on the device, you will permanently lose all relevant data and earned rewards if you log out or delete the app.

Many exclusive rewards are made available based on your location, and you can also receive bonus Reward Points for visiting CARROT businesses and other locations -- so please be sure to allow “location services”. (Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)

Easy to use. Convenient. Personalized. Free. When it comes to Fitness Rewards, nothing beats CARROT!
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