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CareSync Scribe

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CareSync Scribe

Scribe is a new application from CareSync that takes transcribing doctor’s orders to another level: Voice-to-Text-to-Action (VTA).

Scribe fits into your practice’s current workflow, allowing doctor’s orders to be easily recorded during the office visit. Simply talk with your patients in a conversational manner while Scribe records and intuitively integrates the information into the CareSync platform.

CareSync Health Assistants get real time access and turn your instructions into actionable tasks and goals for your patients and their caregivers. To deliver care coordination, Health Assistants work with patients to schedule labs, procedures or appointments, ensure that medications are filled and taken, and help remove the obstacles that prevent care plan adherence.

Care plan creation is streamlined, moving patients toward better health outcomes faster. Care coordination is enhanced as doctor’s orders are thorough, followed up on, and adhered to.

This application is available exclusively to CareSync professional users. A valid login and password is required to use the CareSync Office application.

CareSync never diagnoses or treats patients. Data is stored on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, and users determine how their information is shared.
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