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CarePack Pro

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CarePack Pro

CarePackPro © is to give you an overview of your health status and exercise the ultimate app. Care Pack © is the virtual patient record, where you can store all relevant information about your health and share them with others. In combination with the Apple HealthKit and Apple iWatch you can optimize your health by allowing you to share and store your workouts with others. They also have a message function in which you can send messages to other people.

Care Pack © is a detailed analysis of BMI and heart rate. Your data on age, weight, height, heart rate and activity will be used and calculated for the following points:
Heart rate data is used to monitor the progression of heart rate. Thus, you not only get a 24 ECG but an ECG for 7 days.
The last known heart rate is also sent to the emergency email.
Weight and size are used to calculate the BMI.

In the Care Pack © Pro app allows you the following additional functions:
Fitness workout / running and cycling
emergency call
Medical findings
vaccination certificate
Trays Regulation
treatment plan

All functions are synchronized with the website and can easily be changed or added easily there.
Pressing the emergency call button will your relatives by e-mail about your current data, such as
Last heart rate
Your phone number
informed and automatically get the current GPS location with graphics.

Care Pack © Pro shows in conjunction with the Apple iWatchIhnen the current heart rate, which can graphically display various periods of time.

These are color-matched to your age-related heart rate and range in color from light green to dark exit of graphically. Press the individual heart rate measurement, you get the date and time display.
Wipe on the page with your finger to the left, an explanation of the heart rate is displayed.

Body mass index:
The body mass index is an important lesson for all. If you are in the correct harmony with your body. waning and waxing is very important. Determine the BMI function the current status, so you enter your values ​​in the settings.Again, you will receive a statement of the body mass index, get into the wiping on the BMI page to the left.

The vaccination certificate
With the integrated vaccination certificate you have always and everywhere overview of current vaccinations and are automatically recalled to the next vaccination. When traveling, and in an emergency you always have your certificate vaccination with him and the doctor knows so far, against which you have already been vaccinated. Send a single click your vaccination record to your family doctor or another doctor and let them know about your vaccination status.

Healthy findings
Do you have medical records? Remember where you have this? If this complete? With Care Pack you can easily gather all of your findings, X-rays, MRI and CRT images and send medical reports under your name and just one click to your doctor. Select the data you want to send your physician or other person who reports or images.

drugs Overview
Keep your medicines and remind yourself to take on your iPhone via instant message. Send an overview of the medications with your doctor via email. In an emergency, be sent directly to your contact, so that they are informed of the current dose and medication by pressing the emergency call, the current medications in an emergency e-mail will be. This is important for the arrival of emergency services.

Terms and conditions
Data Protection Policy

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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