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CarePack Lite

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CarePack Lite

CarePack© is the ultimate app to give you an overall view of your health status. CarePack© accesses Apple HealthKit to get better detailed evaluation of BMI and heart rate for you. Your data on age, weight, height and heartrate are used confidential and calculated for the following points:

- Heartrate data can be used to change the course of heartrate graphically.
- The last known heartrate is also sent in the emergency e-mail,
- The weight and size is used to calculate the BMI.

In the CarePack© lite version, you can access the following functions.

- Alarm function
- Heart rate measurement with graphical display
- Body Mass Index

You not only get an overview of your health but CarePack© also features an emergency call function. By pressing the emergency button your relatives are by email about your current data, such as

- Blood type
- Last heart rate
- Your phone number
information and current GPS location with graphics.

CarePack© has thanks to the Apple Watch on the current heart rates, which graphically over different time periods, such as

- last hour
- 24h
- Last 48 Hours
- Last 7 days
and Last 30 Days

are displayed.

These are color-matched to your age related heart rate and displayed in color from light green to dark starting graphically. Press the individual heart rate measurement you will get the date with the time displayed.

Wipe on the page with your finger to the left, an explanation of heart rates will be displayed.

The Body Mass Index is an important lesson for everyone. If you are in proper harmony with his body, is waning and waxing is very important. Determine with the BMI function your current status, in which you specify your values ​​in the settings.

Again, you will receive an explanation about the Body Mass Index, in the wipe on the side of BMI to the left.

Want access to your findings, medications, indications, vaccinations and doctor's reports, so try the CarePack© Pro version.
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