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CardPointers for Credit Cards

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CardPointers for Credit Cards

CardPointers will save you money and earn you more cash back, points, and miles every day by maximizing credit card spend bonuses, statement credit offers, and welcome bonuses.

The app automatically tracks every category bonus and recurring bank credits from over 3,000 credit cards for you. In addition to helping you with the cards you already have, finding even better ones is just as important, and it couldn’t be easier with CardPointers thanks to annual fee tracking, renewal recommendations, and personalized offers based on your existing cards and preferences.

Whether you're new to credit cards and "travel hacking" or you already have 20+ credit cards to your name, this is the app to help you earn tens of thousands more points, miles, and cash back every year, and ensure that you have the best cards available in your wallet. All without having to give up any personal or banking details thanks to the largest database of credit cards available.

CardPointers integrates all of the latest Apple features, including:

- Widgets
- App Clips
- New iOS 14 menus and quick navigation
- Sign in with Apple on iOS and watchOS
- Dark/Light Mode
- Add to Siri button at the bottom of each category
- Parameters for Siri Shortcuts
- Full accessibility for VoiceOver and voice control support
- Local push notifications to remind you of any expiring offers on your cards
- Fully independent Watch app with rich complication family support
- Shareable watch faces from iOS
- Game controller light bar integration (yes, really!)

You don't even need to launch the app to be able to quickly get the information that you need, thanks to the integrated widgets, Siri shortcuts, donated intents which show up in the system search for any matching category, Spotlight search, and quick action menus from the home screen.


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