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Sharing your contact details has never been easier:
* Two presses, and your details are shared
* Share with a QR code, if the other person does not have CardPing
* Receive updated details for your contacts, and keep them updated with yours

And with an Apple Watch, share your details without even taking your phone out of your pocket! Just three presses, and you're done. Great for when you're on the go.


Before following these instructions, please set up one or more cards with the details you would like to share.

Sharing via Ping:
1. Hit 'Ping' button at the bottom, while having the other person do the same in their CardPing app
2. Tap on their name, and they should tap on yours

Optional: If you wish to share a different card than the default, go into that card, and tap the 'Ping' icon above the card details.

Their details should now appear under the Contacts button, as well as in your iPhone Address Book.

Sharing via QR code:
1. Go into the card, or tap on Ping
2. Tap on the QR button
3. Present the QR code for others to scan to get your contact details

Updating details:
1. (On the app belonging to the person changing details) Go into the card, and change details
2. (On the app belonging to those who have the contact) Under the 'Contacts' button, an exclamation mark should appear next to the name(s) of those with updated details
3. Press the update all button on top left, or go into the individual and choose update contact, and follow instructions

The iPhone Address Book entry should now be updated with the new details.
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