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Cardiowell allows you to improve your health and wellness by making you aware of your breathing and heart rate activity. Cardiowell measures small changes in time between each heart beat (heart rate variability) and notifies you when you are under stress.

Download Cardiowell to:
1. Better manager your blood pressure
2. Improve your health and wellness
3. Become aware of stress of how stress effects your breathing

We believe that through self awareness you can be empowered to improve your health and have a longer life.

Measuring and monitoring your blood pressure by itself will not reduce your blood pressure and improve your health.

Cardiowell encourages you to become mindful of your breathing and practice breathing at 6 breathes per minute. Breathing at six breathes per minute has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce depression, reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and improve wellbeing.

Cardiowell helps you become aware of factors that cause you stress and with feedback, coaches you to breathe better and adapt to your situation.

By setting up heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) auditory, tactile, and/or visual notifications, you become aware when your health is being affected by poor breathing and stress.

Cardiowell integrates with AppleHealth so you can monitor your blood pressure, pulse, weight, and respiration to understand how healthy breathing can improve your wellness.

Cardiowell also allows you to:
-Set notifications on Apple iPhone & Watch allowing you to receive subtle nudges whenever you are not breathing properly.
-Track your blood pressure and set reminders.
-Monitor changes in blood pressure, weight, pulse and over all wellness.

Important: This App requires a blue-tooth low energy Polar H7 heart rate monitor for stress monitoring and behavioral feedback.

You can always manually add blood pressure values and import blood pressure data from their party Apps using AppleHealth to monitor changes.

Please note that Cardiowell is not supported on the iPad.

*Cardiowell is a general wellness improvement solution. The Cardiowell solution is indicated for use only as an adjunctive treatment for high blood pressure together with other pharmacological and/or non-pharmacological interventions. Cardiowell recommends that you do not modify your hypertension treatments without the advice and consent of your physician.