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by Awyse
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by Awyse
***Test your heart condition with Cardio Testing app***

Like sports professional, get an answer about your heart condition in 2 minutes.

Cardio Testing is based on the famous Ruffier Dickson algorithm which monitors your heart condition. It measures your heart performance through a simple exercise which is feasible by everyone. Occasional athlete or Olympic athlete? Cardio Testing will let you know. Challenge your friends, colleagues or family, to see who is the best. Wherever you are, you can follow your progress on your mobile phone.

The Ruffier - Dickson test

This test measures the ability of a person to practice sports and is recognized as a safe and

reliable test in the sports medicine field.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sit and relax: Sit down and relax to have your calm heart rate.

Step 2: Test yourself: Put yourselves in position and let’s go for 30 flexions for 45 seconds.

Step 3: Get your score: Sit down again and catch your breath for 60 seconds... Your score appears and lets you know your heart condition.

This product is developed by Awyse and Macadam Tonic which puts hundreds of exercises at your disposal, with personalized follow-up, and programs adapted and conceived by health and sports professionals.