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Cardio HIIT Training Timer Pro

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Cardio HIIT Training Timer Pro

** Now with support for the Apple Watch. You can select which workout or routine you are performing and track your progress directly on your Apple Watch without having to reach for your iPhone. **

The perfect timer app for doing cardio, interval training, Tabata, or any workout where you need multiple timers. Interval training is the most effective way to burn fat and maximize results. You can incorporate interval training into any workout: cycling, elliptical, treadmill, running, weight lifting, Tabata, whatever exercises you do. The Cardio Training Timer allows you to create groups of workout and rest timers customized specifically for you and the way you want to train. You can set specific colors for each timer and set the number of rounds/cycles for each routine in your workout. And you can use it while listening to music on your phone.

- Edit / Create / customize your own routines
- Set individual action colors
- Set the number of cycles per routine
- Supports portrait and landscape timer
- Combine multiple routines in your workout
- Use while playing music
- Comes with several preset workout examples
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