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Cardio Alarm

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Cardio Alarm

This app warns you with audio (even in background) when your heart rate goes beyond the limits you set.

NOTICE Apple Watch users: you will still require a bluetooth sensor and background monitoring is not supported by apple on apple watch.
NOTICE: if you use this app at the same time with other fitness apps that use bluetooth, it is recommended to start cardio alarm app FIRST. This will avoid problems with bluetooth device discovery. It is known that some apps keep searching for bluetooth devices all the time, preventing other apps like this one from detecting bluetooth devices.

It will warn you with auditive voice warning even if being in background and/or listening to music. Perfect for working out outdoors!

This app needs a bluetooth 4.0 low energy (BLE) or bluetooth smart heart rate sensor in order to work. Some of the known working sensors are:
- Polar H6
- Polar H7
- Wahoo tickr
- Beets BLU
- Oregon Scientific BLE Fabric Chest Belt
- Runtastic heart rate combo monitor
- Mio Link
- Mio Alpha
- Geonaute BLE
- Sigma HRM

Such sensors are only compatible iPhone 4S or newer, which have bluetooth 4.0.

Disclaimer: do not use this app for medical or critical life purposes.
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