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Cardio Active

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Cardio Active

Introducing Cardio Active - a new way to work out.

Cardio Active is private, by design. 

That means no online account creation, none of your workout or fitness data floating around in the cloud, and you're fully in control of your data.

In this digital age, we believe everyone should be able to work out with technology without sacrificing their data or privacy. That's why we made Cardio Active.
- All of your workout and fitness data is kept private
- All of your workout and fitness data is encrypted
- A rich set of smart sensor algorithms on both iPhone and Apple Watch

Decide you want to share your workout data with another app?
Decide you want to export your workout data for a backup?
Decide you want to delete your workout data just because?
You get all of this and more just because we record workout and fitness data directly in the Health app, making it available for you to manage as you see fit.


- Records cardio workouts with just a few taps.
- Records your workout route when you want it, and doesn't when you don't.
- Uses the latest sensors on your device to get better data than GPS alone.
- Connects to Heart Rate Monitors to record heart rate during a workout.
- Previous workouts are made available for viewing at any time.
- Can read other workout data saved in the Health app by Apple and other apps.
- Full support of the new Dark Mode in iOS 13.

Supported Workouts:

- Walking
- Running
- Hiking
- Cycling

Apple Watch exclusive workouts:

- Canoeing
- Kayaking

Cardio Active is made in Minnesota and we know just how much the seasons can change including the different ways to workout. Let us know what new kinds of workouts you want to record and we will work to add them.

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