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CAPS Wellness

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CAPS Wellness

**Although this application is currently free to download, your registration must be confirmed before use. If you are interested in using the CAPS, please email Dr. Stephen Smagula ([email protected]) describing your interest, including whether it is for personal use, research, or implementation in a clinical practice.**

Our physical, emotional, and brain functions have 24-hour rhythms, also called circadian rhythms. These rhythms keep us in sync with the external world. Circadian rhythm disruption can contribute to sleep problems, diabetes, cognitive impairment, depression, dementia, and other health problems. The Circadian Activity Profiling System (CAPS) allows users to assess and track their circadian rhythms. Doing so - understanding your rhythms - is the first step towards improving them and optimizing your health.

For the CAPS to work, wear an Apple Watch continuously for at least three days and nights. Don’t remove it when you sleep. Only brief periods of watch removal are OK, for example, we recommend taking your watch off and charging it while you bathe; or when you're settling down and won't be active anyway. Internet and Bluetooth connections are required to sync your data. After collecting data for a minimum of three days, you’ll be able to see your CAPS score (ranging from 0 – 100) and other key measures. This overall CAPS score indicates the overall rhythm wellness based on your activity profiles. Weaker (smaller) rhythms and unstable (irregular) rhythms are associated with health problems.

Learn about your rhythms, optimize them, and see if your health/wellbeing improves!

This app integrates with HealthKit functionality in the user interface.
University of Pittsburgh