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From the world most"KAWAII" place, Tokyo, JAPAN!

The more you walk, the more you get advanced in the game!
The workout app mixed with idle game helps you get healthy.

◆Easy to play
・Go out with the app in your smartphone
・Track your walk automatically and you get the coin in response to your steps
・Buy sugars to attract candy animals with coins
・Set the sugar and wait!
・Tap and Swipe to crush animals in crowds

◆You can keep up your workout
・Coins to buy “Sugar” are pooled with keeping app in your pocket
・Get real-time record and check your steps and calories you burned
・Manage your own health with fun game

◆Welcome to the “KAWAII” world
・Unlock new ugly creepy cute stages to play game more
・Not enough KAWAII? Customize your own world with various items!

◆Can’t stop crushing animals
・Feel good with crushing animals in crowds at once
・Addict to the lovely sound and animation

◆This animal is similar to …?
・There are various animals from fresh lime handsome mint to wasabi-taste cool bear
・Collect all characters to find your favorite animal
・Check the Library to see animals’ details you collect
・Aim for the sweetest candy master by crushing candy funny animals

◆Sync with your Apple Watch
・Enable pedometer and gameplay easier by synchronizing your Apple Watch
・The newest and cutest app for your Apple Watch
Bank of Innovation, Inc