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Canada Sales Tax Calculator +

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Canada Sales Tax Calculator +

Tax Me is accurate, easy to use and helps you quickly calculate Canadian sales tax for any province or territory.

Great for finding your total cost before a purchase. Also, a handy tool for business owners, sales reps, accountants and anyone else who needs to find the before or after tax amount.

The new companion Apple Watch app makes finding the sales tax easier than ever before! Simply dictate the before or after tax amount, and instantly see the results.

Main Features
* Clean, attractive and easy to use interface.
* Accurately calculates GST, PST, QST and/or HST for any province or territory.
* Reverse sales tax calculation.
* Built-in fully functional calculator.
* Companion Apple Watch app
* Includes latest sales tax rates.
* Large calculator keys for easy input.
* Support for all provinces and territories.
* Remembers last selected province.
* Built in tutorial.
* Support for all currencies.

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