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by Cammy
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by Cammy
Cammy allows you to monitor your home or office from your smartphone and receive alerts when a person is detected. A Wi-Fi camera is needed to use the app. Guarantees no false alarms for total peace of mind.


Easy set up - Cammy uses plug in Wi-Fi cameras. All you need is home Wi-Fi and access to power.

Auto arm / disarm - no codes or keypads needed. The alarm automatically arms/disarms when you leave and re-enter home.

Person alerts - get an alert on your phone if a person is detected on camera. Guarantees no false alarms from pets, insects, shadows and other movement.

Tap to call Police - if a burglar is detected you can call the Police from the app.

30 days cloud storage - all your footage is stored in the cloud for 30 days and is viewable from the app.

Remote live view with 2-way audio - see a live view of your camera, pan and tilt for a better view and communicate with 2-way audio.

Night vision - capture what's happening at night, see what the cat gets up to, monitor the perimeter of your home.

Data privacy - camera footage remains private and secure within the cloud. Only you have access to your data.

"It's the easiest way to monitor what matters most, whether at home or at work, when you're out and about or travelling. It's easy to set up and only takes a few minutes" - Charlie Brown, Tech Editor The Today Show

Get Cammy today and enjoy the peace of mind that Cammy delivers.

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