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Camarts Photography

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Camarts Photography

Camarts is a digital gallery of photographer Dandy Weng, who is also an indie developer, designer, and traveler. He is making this app by cumulating all of his passions.

The app features a curated library of over 1,600 photos captured on his journeys around the world in the past fifteen years.


The app takes full advantage of your device’s display technology to deliver an uncompromising viewing experience — exceptional quality images are pixel-perfectly rendered in P3 Wide Gamut colors.


Each photo has detailed information, including camera settings, gears used, and geographical information of where it was taken — just in case you’d like to know how and where to take a similar shot.


Discover your next travel destination with the built-in map — whether you’re looking for stunning natural landscapes in secluded locations or fascinating places to visit nearby — everywhere is just one tap away.


At least one new photo is published every day. Turn on push notifications and let them be delivered to your device as soon as they are available.

Learn more about Camarts on, or reach @dandyweng on social media.
天信 翁