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Never get stuck with numbers again. We introduce most powerful Unit Converter and Calculator App with 50+ categories and over 1400 units for conversion.

A transformation has become a way of life. We bet you all remember when you last needed to convert a unit or a currency and Googled it up. When you The Dance of the imperial and metric system also intensifies the search for the correct unit of measurement, especially while traveling to other countries. How many ounces is one liter? How many miles make a kilometer? How many degrees Fahrenheit is Celsius? And then, of course, the ever growing need of currency conversion for Forex and international purchases.

The challenging demand of conversion of every unit available meets the most extensive utility tool on App Store: Calvertr2 - Universal Converter and Calculator.

Calvertr2 is so much more than just a simple conversion app, and the user interface is easy to use, highly customizable and very intuitive - iPadinsight.

Calvertr2 is simple, easy-to-use and fully featured unit converter and calculator to handle any conversion you'll ever need, anywhere in the world. Calculate and share mathematical operations with a powerful widget in real time. Beautifully packaged Calvertr2 is compatible with latest iOS, devices, and smartwatch.

## Our Feature-Packed Units Converter ##

• Eye-appealing graphics and designed to be fast and user-friendly
• 52 ready to go categories with more than a thousand units
• Calvertr2 has Advanced Currency conversion for 157 world currencies with automatic updates.
• Only add units to your favorite list and access directly from home screen
• Ability to search units and categories
• Conversion history and unit bookmarking
• Cutting edge design with two color themes – White and Black
• Offline Unit Conversion
• Support of 12 most popular languages around the world

## All-in-One Calculator ##

• Straightforward and elegant user interface with gorgeous background
• Create live math expression
• Automatically save your complete results and equation for future use
• Use backspace anytime to correct a simple mistake, instead of starting over
• Tap on math expression to edit and add your notation to each number
• Share complete calculation with your friends through Email or Airdrop or Print it
• Optimized to be faster and easy to use calculator

## Widgets & Notifications ##

• The first time you can make your mathematics calculations directly on your notification center as Widget, exclusively designed for latest iOS
• Your personal conversion on the go with a practically designed Converter widget.
• Conversions for unlimited units in your widget or you Apple watch with automatic save function for future reference

## Available Units ##

• Acceleration, Angle, Area, Astronomical, Business Days, Calendar Days, Capacitance, Cooking, Currency, Clothing, Data, Density, Electric Current, Energy, Force, Frequency, Fuel Consumption, Length, Light, Mass, Mortgage Payment, Percentage, Power, Pressure, Radioactivity, ROI, Sound, Speed, Split Check, Temperature, Time, Tip Calculator, Torque, Viscosity and Volume and many more.

• Clothing Includes Men’s, Women’s and children’s Size of dresses, t-shirts or shoes

• Utility Forms includes Business days, Calendar days, Mortgage payment, Percentage, ROI, Split check, Tip Calculator

Full compatibility, starting from iPhone 4s up to iPhone 6s plus with iPad and Apple Watch, including support for iOS 7 and later.

Please leave a review on iTunes if you like the app! We appreciate your reviews and suggestions. It helped us crafting this app to the best in its class, and we strive to improve it further.
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