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Calorie Counter Pal

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Calorie Counter Pal

Please e-mail at [email protected], if you have a question or difficulty using the app. We appreciate your feedback and reviews.

HealthGoal360 helps people of all walks of life to keep health and fitness their number one priority. It is designed in a way that is intuitive and easy to use and is a ‘one-stop shop’ for tracking steps, calories burned, calories consumed, and blood glucose. Whether a user suffers from diabetes/pre-diabetes/gestational diabetes and needs a better way to manage it or just wants to be their best selves through staying physically fit, this app is for them. It helps people to fit fitness into their busy schedules. The app includes a step tracker to help people while running, cycling, and walking. Don't shoot the breeze, just keep moving.
The app automatically tracks your walks, runs and bicycle rides. No need of start and stop, just keep the phone in your pocket or bag. The summary dashboard screen will provide you with key information such as total steps from walking, cycling & running, calories burned from steps, and calories consumed. This information is available for the last 7 days. Just use the forward and backward arrows to navigate through the 7 days of data. It's a breeze to use. The daily summary include totals steps, floors ascended, floors descended, distance, steps from walking, steps from cycling and steps from running. The weekly summary will show you a graph with 7 days of data to monitor your weekly progress.

Healthgoal360's diabetes/blood glucose tracker is one the easiest and most intuitive diabetes/blood glucose tracker for iOS. If you are a diabetes/pre-diabetes/gestational diabetes patient, Healthgoal360 helps track your blood glucose, calories consumed and calories burned from steps. It's a great free tool for improving your diet and losing weight. The free blood glucose tracker helps diabetes type 1, type 2 , pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes patients for storing and monitoring their blood glucose and calories data. The healthgoal360 website helps them track additional activities, medication and lab results with A1C1 information.
At Healthgoal360 our main goal is allowing people to live their healthiest lifestyles. We focus on living a one's best life, as when one takes care of their fitness/diabetes self care needs, they are less likely to have health-related issues in the future - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s a proven fact that keeping a journal of what you eat is the most effective way of managing your calories intake and weight loss goals. The log could also be used to spot any eating disorders.

- FREE - Sign up with confidence. No strings attached or no upgrade needed.

- Diabetes and wellness app for people of all walks of life to keep health their number one priority

- Steps, Not Minutes: How many minutes you moved in our view is less important than how many steps you took. Keep tracking your steps and not your minutes. Move more and eat healthy.

- We are human and we need inspiration. Seeing a diary of what you eat every day is a source of inspiration for your weight management goals. Healthgoal360's in-built food database has a large collection of food. If you do not see a food on the list, let's know, we will add that for you.
- Built-in pedometer - iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 6+ and 6s+ users can track steps right from their phone. No other tracking devices needed.
- Daily total steps, steps from walking, steps from running, steps from cycling, floors ascended, floor descended and distance. weekly calories and steps trends.

- Quick and easy blood glucose tracker/log. Several labels for readings supported.

- Daily and monthly blood glucose charts. Multiple charts to help you understand the trends.

- Store your A1C1 reports and track your medication(website only). Healthgoal360 website is a comprehensive internet diary for tracking your medication, activities, lifestyle, lab reports and numerous other functions.
Healthgoal360 LLC