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CalmFace is a simple but powerful app for your watch face that shows if you are calm or stressed when you glance at your watch. It also has a meditation feature that helps you become more mindful and calm.

The app integrates with HealthKit to read your heart rate in order to measure how calm you are throughout the day and log your calm time as Mindfulness Minutes in the Health app.

- Colored hearts to indicate calm, normal, stressed
- Daily and weekly log of Calm Minutes
- Stress alerts when your heart rate jumps up
- Meditation reminders

You can also link your calm minutes to a Partner or friend's CalmFace app so you can encourage each other to get more calm each day. You can unlink your calm minutes by resetting your Partner Token at any time. Just 'force touch' in the watch app to manage Partner settings.

Download now to start tracking your calm.
Yingchi Wang