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Callanetics Counter

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Callanetics Counter


The perfect companion to your Callanetics workouts.

The Callanetics Pulse is a tiny, gentle precise movement that is responsible for the sculpting and toning of the muscles. It’s an “up and down” or “back and forth” repetitive motion. Each exercise in Callanetics requires a certain number of Pulses to be performed in a set amount of time. Use your Callanetics Counter to correctly time the number of Pulses.

Our easy to use app allows you to select 100, 75 or 50 pulses. Simply press the number to select the one you want. The Counter will alert you once you have completed your set. There is also a 30-second timer for holding stretches.

The Callanetics Counter is perfect for when you are working out without a video or instructor to guide you. It helps ensure you work each side of the body evenly and for an effective length of time.

Let our Callanetics Counter handle the counting while you focus on enjoying the wonderful benefits of the exercises.