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Call yourself!

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Call yourself!

You can play tricks on your friends or just have fun by scheduling a call from a particular caller or selecting the "Surprise me!" option — in this case, you will only know the name of the caller when a call comes in :)

You can change the text of incoming call speech using one of 60 voices in 20 languages!

Besides, you really need someone to call you sometimes. This may be required to politely wrap up an unnecessary or unpleasant conversation, or interrupt a meeting using an important call as an excuse ;)

This app does just that! Our server makes a phone call at the right time! The call looks and sounds perfectly normal: your default ringtone plays and the call screen looks just like always.

When you pick up, the call timer starts ticking, all incoming notifications are muted, and all other incoming calls are put on call waiting.

The app does not have access to the microphone. You can say anything, no informaton is recordeed or transmitted.

The incoming call is free, no Internet traffic is used.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can create calls secretly :)

You can also quickly create calls through a widget!

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Yaroslav Ermolaev