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In the normal, private world we think in days, months and years. In everyday working life, however, planning usually takes place in calendar weeks. Many employees do not even know the current calendar week. At this point CalendarWeeks helps and builds a bridge between the two worlds.

CalendarWeeks displays the calendar week for the current date. It is also possible to specify the calendar week on any date. Conversely, the corresponding date can also be calculated based on a calendar week.

The CalendarWeeks was developed with SWIFT especially for iOS. As a result, it is optimally integrated into the system, offers an optimal app feeling, best performance, requires minimal storage space and offers system-specific functionalities.

Main functionality
After starting the application, the question about the current calendar week is answered and the calendar week is displayed for the current date.

In order to understand common details of calendar weeks in the project business, the date can be calculated for any specification of a calendar week (with the corresponding year).

However, any date can also be converted into a project-understandable specification as calendar week.

The range of functions is completed with a display of the next ten calendar weeks with date of beginning which is useful in the project business. The 10-week excerpt can be moved over time, for example, for a retrospective of the past few weeks.

Today widget
CalendarWeeks has a useful Today widget that (when visible) always shows the calendar week at the current date.

iOS 14 widget
Since iOS 14, CalendarWeeks supports the new widget format for a new user experience. Configurable widgets are offered in all three formats.

Apple Watch app
CalendarWeeks can be used with the Apple Watch. Here an app was implemented, which shows the calendar week at the current date.

Apple Watch Complication
CalendarWeeks can be integrated into many clock faces on the Apple Watch. For this purpose, complications in different sizes are implemented, each showing the calendar week at the current date. Timeshift is supported.

Sharing with other applications is possible through the sharing feature of iOS.

Summary of functions
- Show current calendar week
- Determine calendar week at a defined date
- Determine date for a calendar week
- 10 weeks preview
- Share
- Today widget
- iOS 14-Widget
- Apple Watch app
- Apple Watch Complication
- Configurable display optionally with or without the number of the day of the week (CW 5 vs. CW 5.3)

Differences to CalendarWeeksLite
- Today Widget
- iOS 14-Widget
- Apple Watch app
- Apple Watch complication
- Support the developer
Jens Nabert