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Calendar /w

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Calendar /w

Beautiful designed monthly calendar for the Apple Watch.
Choose one or two colors you like much.
Or choose them based on your mood.
You can use virtually every color.
Choose the colors using your iPhone by direct input, editing using sliders or one of self saved color pairs.
Browse through the months or skip 12 months.

This app provides complications in every size. One can be used to launch the app. (Complications are small visual elements on the watch face that show important information. Examples: Weather, Battery Status)

PLEASE NOTE: This app just displays calendar months, and NO events (appointments).

Further functions on the watch:
● Skip to next or previous month. ('>' or '<')
● The Digital Crown can also be used to browse the months.
● Skip 12 months to next or previous year. (context menu)
● Go to current month. (please tap on the today label at the lower area)
● Optional calendar week number.
● Alternative colors to highlight the today date.
● Function to jump to a month directly between January 1583 and December 3099. (context menu)
● (The Gregorian Calendar began on October 15, 1582)
● Display a period of 15 months from the selected month. (context menu) (Needs 12 sec. to calculate)
Frank Perdana