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Calcuta is like no calculator you've ever seen. It's everything a hard-working everyday calculator should be — but redesigned from the ground up. The clean and delightful interface hides a slew of powerful features under the hood—

An elegant, logical, space-saving radial keypad replaces the decades-old manual calculator style keypad.

A 100% editable history page, accessible by sliding the calculator to the left. Change any number or operator you typed, or delete entire lines of calculation, and watch the totals updated instantly.

Add or subtract percentages from a number by double tapping the % sign. Calculate prices with taxes and tips at lightning speed.

Delete errors with swipes left or right.

Move numbers in and out of Memory with taps and double taps. A single tap adds the number. A double-tap subtracts it.

Erase memory by wiping it with your finger.

Share the whole calculation by email with a friend — or yourself — as a neatly formatted table, ready to go into a spreadsheet or word processor.

Customize the appearance — choose from a cool set of themes ranging from sombre to exuberant.

Calcuta is about to change the way you've done business.
Chitoor Gopinath