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Calculator Watch Pro Free

by Muze
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Calculator Watch Pro Free

by Muze
Calculator Watch Pro Free - First Calculator on Apple Watch!

The most convenient way to use calculator is here. Now you can use the calculator on your wrist. With Calculator Watch Pro, you can choose theme of the calculator to match with your watch model.

Anything you type on your watch will sync back and forth and appear on your phone, so you can continue work on the phone without re-typing allover again. Moreover you can enjoy both standard option or landscape scientific mode on your phone. ( *scientific mode not available on watch )


• 3 themes are available for Free Version ( Up to 16 themes for Full Version! )
• 2 Modes are available: basic calculations in Standard Mode or Scientific Mode in landscape orientation
• Access history results and use it as input ( Need upgrade to Full Version )
• Glances to view the latest result on your watch
• Degrees and Radians calculators
• Memory the result to use later
• Copy and past numbers into display
• Swipe finger to delete number one by one (This feature only available on the phone)