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This is the App that you need: all calculations in one App !!!!
In this App are gathered all the applications that you need to perform almost any calculation:

33 different functions:

Numeric Calculators:
- 4 Scientific (different functions, buttons sizes, colors, etc ..)
- Chemicals
- Functional
- Conversion numerical systems (comprehensive)
- Complex numbers
- Random series generator
- Prime Numbers

- Timer Up&Down
- Pomodoro
- Countdown
- Milliseconds Timer
- Sphere Clock
- World Clock

Health Related Calculators:
- Optimal calories you need
- Body Mass Index
- Analysis of alchool in your body after taking a few drinks
- Calories burned after running
- Analysis of the composition of the salads that you take

Calculators and Unit Conversion Physical:
- Unit Converter. (comprehensive)
- Temperature Converter
- Calculation of the wind chill
- 2 Periodic Tables
- Resistor Calculator

Calculators Dates:
- Perpetual calendar (Julian and Gregorian)
- Difference between dates
- Zodiac sign and Chinese year
- Your exact age
- Your age in years doggy

Other Calculators
- Payment of loans and mortgages
- Mathematical competition (Great for kids)
- Compatibility test for couples
- Current population of the earth
- Fractal generator

Now you do not need a lot of applications to perform different calculations.
Almost everything you need calculate is in this App!!!!

No Wi-Fi connection needed.
Built-in data.
The app is completely free.

Donation to improve and mantein the app will be welcome. Thanks.
Juan Fullana