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CalConvert is the most useful advanced scientific calculator and unit converter on the App Store! Simple, free and easy to use, downloaded by millions of users worldwide, CalConvert is suitable for everyone!

If you have ever tried to work out maths equations, figure out what your money is worth in other currencies or convert units in your head, you know that it can be difficult. With CalConvert, you have a powerful tool in that can do the hard work for you. There are hundreds of different units that you can convert and CalConvert offers a quick, versatile and intuitive solution to any mathematical or finance problem you may need to solve.

No matter if you need basic operations like converting metric into imperial or you are a student who requires advanced calculation, using CalConvert you can calculate and convert easy, fast and for FREE!

- Simple calculator and scientific functions.
- Advanced mathematical functions.
- History Tape: All calculations are saved and can be copied, used and shared.
- Equation Preview: Your current Equation is displayed below the result.
- 27+ categories and over 600 units to convert; metric to imperial and many more.
- Work out your finances and know what your money is worth when you travel, 150+ Currencies.
- Customize CalConvert the way you want it with a variety of smart, colorful skins.
- Support of 24 languages.

Available Categories:
Acceleration, Angle, Area, Astronomical, Cooking Volume, Data, Data Transfer, Density, Energy, Flow, Force, Frequency, Fuel, Length, Luminance, Power, Performance, Pressure, Radiation, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Typography, Viscosity, Volume, Weight, Currencies

Available Languages:
English, Deutsch, Dansk, Français, Nederlands, Magyar, Suomi , Português, Italiano, Español, Русский, Svenska, Slovenčina, Bokmål, Türkçe, Ελληνικ, Polski, Čeština, Română, Hrvatski, Українська, 日本語, 简体中文, 한국의

Available Currencies:
Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Afghan Afghani, Algerian Dinar, Argentine Peso, Albanian Lek, Angolan Kwanza, Armenian Dram, Aruban Florin, Azerbaijani Manat, Bahraini Dinar, Barbadian Dollar, Belize Dollar, Bhutanese Ngultrum, Botswanan Pula, Brunei Dollar, Burundian Franc, Bahamian Dollar and many more.
It has 150+ currencies which cover almost all the currencies in the world, extremely useful when you travel widely or spend a lot of money when on a trip overseas.

CalConvert contains both simple and advanced scientific calculator options, plus it supports all major mathematical functions. CalConvert provides you more than 27+ categories and 600+units to convert, so whatever mathematical problem you need to solve, CalConvert can do it for you.

CalConvert is extremely useful 2 in 1 app - calculator and converter with a classic smart design incorporating large and clear buttons. Additional skins are also included so you can make it look the way you want. Whether you are a student looking to solve difficult advanced equations or simply want to add figures up, CalConvert is perfect for all ages.

Thank you for using CalConvert!

Please feel free to send us a feedback email to: and our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
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