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Calc & Convert

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Calc & Convert

Calc & Convert is a powerful app that contains a standard calculator, a unit converter & tip calculator for iOS and Apple Watch.

********App features********

- Standard calculator with scientific functions included on Apple Watch

- Tip Calculator

- "Fast conversion" function:
Type an expression, and the app will automatically suggest you the more adequate units or conversions

- Unit conversion containing 16 categories:
- Angle
- Cook
- Currency (requires network connection)
- Energy
- Fuel
- Information
- Length
- Weight
- Pressure
- Radioactivity
- Speed
- Surface
- Temperature
- Time
- Typography
- Volume

- Standard calculator widget for iOS notification center

The Apple Watch app is fully customizable: select your favorite categories that you want to see in the main menu, as well as the units you use the most for each category. A home screen complication is included to get a fast and easy access to the app.
Mikael Cohen