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Your online bank from your mobile phone with CaixaBankNow.

Download the CaixaBankNow app now, get access to a wide variety of services and make all the usual bank transactions online. All the personal finances from your mobile phone, without needing to go to an ATM or office. Send money without commission through Bizum.

Get access to your digital bank from any place and web or mobile device.

What can I do with the CaixaBankNow app?

◉ Check all your products and information you need to manage your finances in the same place: accounts, credit cards, debit cards, receipts, loans…

◉ Wivai - Buy the best products of technology, household, mobility and much more thanks to the installment payment, financed by CaixaBank and without interest. Find online the latest trends without wasting time. You want it? You got it!

◉ With the app CaixaBankNow, you can now send money for free to any phone number through Bizum.

◉ Ask NOA, your virtual assistant: a chatbot that will help you to look for anything you can't find in the app. You can ask by voice or text!

◉ Configure direct access to any functionality that is important to you. You will be able to get access to transfers, tax payments, receipts, Bizum, etc, immediately.

◉ All the contracting options in the same place. Do you need to ask for money? Save and reach your goals? Invest money? See what’s best for you.

◉ Consult the balance on your account without opening the app, from your smartwatch or the widget on your mobile phone.

Main operations of the app:


Consult the details of every transaction you’ve made in your bank accounts in an organized way (transfers, incomes, receipts, cash money in your card…). All your finances under control.


Check all the activity in your credit card, debit card and prepaid card. Enjoy all the categorized transactions for your personal finances to be easier to manage.


Make a Bizum from CaixaBankNow! You can now send and receive money directly from Bizum without knowing the account number, only with a phone number.


Define your savings objectives. You will be able to control how much you saved and which quantities are still pending for you to reach your goals.


Find the investment fund that adjusts best to your needs and manage its rentability.


Select and manage Loans and Mortgages that CaixaBankNow offers that adapt best to your needs.


Select and manage your insurances in “Saving and Investment”, “House and Automobile” and “Life, Accidents and Health”.


Analyze your investment in the stock market and make the money you invested profitable.


Find the ATM and the closest offices thanks to an integrated app with the available services of the bank.


Buy online the best technology products with purchases financed by CaixaBank. With Wivai you can finance purchases and pay in installments of up to 50 months at 0% APR2, without interest and without commissions.


We only use the location permission if you gave us your consent and it allows us to access to your geolocation data for:

- Commercial treatment

- Safety purposes

- Better services in the app

This permission can be configured at any time from your phone in Settings>Geolocation.

Bring your online bank with you anywhere you go with the mobile bank app CaixaBankNow. You can manage and control all the services of your bank on your device. Always with the guaranteed security of CaixaProtect®.
CaixaBank, S.A.